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GET HOT Habanero Tequila

Last week, I tried Get Hot tequila for the first time. It's made with habanero peppers which are very spicy and a cousin to my favorite pepper of all time: the Scotch Bonnet pepper.

Get Hot Habanero Tequila

Spicy tequilas are going to be the go to spirit this summer, trust me. Cocktail menus all over Boston are featuring spicy tequilas in their concoctions and I'm here for it. The tequila has a mild spicy flavor at first, upon tasting, but the heat builds up within seconds of consuming.

I didn't even need to chase it. It was that smooth. I have yet to have a tequila where the spice builds up over time and doesn't make me do that ugly scrunched face after a shot. Get Hot, kudos, I am impressed. The folks over at Get Hot shared some recipes with me to try and I did just that!

The first drink I made was called Get Hot Tonight. It is made with: 2oz Get Hot Tequila, 3/4oz watermelon juice, 1/2oz hibiscus tea, 1/4oz agave. This drink is definitely one of those "why am I not on a beach right now" drinks. Spicy but balanced with a tropical fruity flavor courtesy of the watermelon and hibiscus. It's refreshing and perfect for the warm weather I have faith will one day come to Boston. The fact that it's got peppers, watermelon, tea and agave in it means its healthy, right?

Get Hot Tonight

The second drink I made is called The Hot Donkey. It's made with: 2oz Get Hot Tequila, 4oz quality ginger beer, 1oz sparkling water, juice from 1/2 lime, and a mint spring (optional). From here on out I will be asking for all of my mules to be made with spicy tequila. This drink is incredible. I may or may not have made several because I had a couple cans of ginger beer in my possession. In all seriousness, This recipe has to be a must on your spring drink menu.

The Hot Donkey

I made these drinks with a friend who's a tequila snob and sometimes I think there's tequila coursing through her veins. She gave Get Hot two thumbs up and tried to steal my bottle after we made the drinks. Not okay, because I love this stuff. Our friendship is slowly getting back to where it was before she tried to snatch my tequila. To find out how to get your hands on this stuff, find a list of distributors here. Cheers.

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