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Ginja9 Sour Cherry Liqueur

I officially turned this weekend into a Ginja party! All I did was drink and experiment with the Ginja9 Sour Cherry Liqueur. To borrow the Frank Red Hot Sauce popular tagline, I PUT THAT SHIT ON EVERYTHING! Of course I started off with something simple, a generous pouring of Ginja9 over ice. I clinked glasses with my friend (no I wasn’t drinking alone) and down it went. We were both pleasantly surprised. I honestly half expected it to taste like my favorite cherry flavored cough syrup that cures all ailments, but it wasn’t at all! The tantalizing aroma of cherries is enough to get your mouth watering (Seriously, I suggest you take a sniff before gulping it down). The scent was followed by strong cherry flavors that perfectly balanced sweet and sour, with a clean finish—no weird aftertastes that you’ll find with some other liqueurs.

Now that I did the responsible thing and tasted the Ginja9, I was ready to experiment. First on the list was a Ginja9 Mojito remix. It was Delicious! Ginja9 has a suggested recipe, but you can pretty much make your Mojito however you like it, and throw some of this sour cherry goodness in for a twist.

It mixed so well with the rum that I invited my good friends vodka, tequila and bourbon to the party. Ginja9 has a Martini recipe on their website that calls for orange juice which I didn’t have so I doubled up on lemon juice instead. It was tart but full of flavor! They also have a bunch of other recipes on their website that are worth trying including a tasty margarita (I would’ve tried all of the recipes had I thought ahead and acquired all the ingredients but alas).

From the left: G9 Margarita, Martini, Mimosa, Bourbon+Ginja9

I know I shouldn’t be mixing my liquors like this but I didn’t choose the NTC life— it chose me. I also made a simple drink with bourbon and Ginja9 over ice and topped off with club soda. I think this was my favorite drink of the night! It was also my last drink so I was more than a little tipsy by this point. You’ll have to make these drinks yourself and make your own judgments.

I bet you thought I was done. Nope! That was only Saturday. Sunday saw Ginja9 Mimosas with brunch and Ginja9 poured over ice cream for dessert. Yes I did that. In the spur of the moment I transformed my basic vanilla ice cream into cherry pie flavored RumChata with just a pour. And if that wasn’t enough I found out that they pair Ginja9 with chocolate cups (Which honestly just left me wondering where TF is my cup?). All in all, the team at Ginja9 really know what they’re doing, which totally makes sense because their recipe dates back to traditions of Galician Monks from the 17th century.

Check out more Ginja9 recipes at


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