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Lion's Tail...scores a 'roaring' review

If any of you are familiar with Boston's neighborhoods or "pretend"'ve definitely heard of Ink Block. You know...that part of the South End that cost a down payment on a Lamborghini and the soul of your first born child to live in. Okay...yes, I'm being petty...but my point is: that's where Lion's Tail is located...and I f**cking love that place. How can you not love a place where the cocktail menu is an entire book filled with 30+ drinks and the food not only sticks to your bones but makes you happy that you may have to spend an extra hour in spin class this week. The best part is, although it's located in the Ink Block area, you don't have to have Ink Block coins to enjoy a full meal and several drinks.

Yes, let's cut to the chase you came here so see what I ate and if it is really worth it. I started off with a drink, the Espresso Patronum, because Nail the Cocktail believes alcohol can be an appetizer if you put your mind and your liver to it.

I then dove into this glorious meat and cheese board. Just look at it. No seriously...look at it. You couldn't tell me my name wasn't Mathilde and my parents left a huge trust fund and the family's billion dollar business to me in the will after this got presented to me.

I then shared this duck breast, made with, a roasted root vegetable hash, kale crisps, and a pomegranate demi with my friend who gets dragged along on my foodie and drinkie (is that an acceptable term) adventures but I think she deep down loves it despite her eye rolls at me taking pictures for three minutes before diving in.

You can't tell me that this duck, cooked medium rare, doesn't make you hate me for 0.3 seconds. I would order this dish 'medium well' if you're afraid of pink meat and your dish still quacking at you. This too can be your next dinner. Trust me. Oh but it doesn't stop there. I got downright gluttonous. I added this Cabot clothbound mac & cheese to my bill cuz when you're dining in Ink Block but have a studio apartment the size of your bank account money but G-Wagon dreams, Lion's Tail is the place to go.

I really thought I was ballin' because I added bacon to that b*tch for an addition $2 and not that cheap crusty bacon but that thick cut probably purchased from the organic section of a boutique grocery store bacon. This ain't no "meh this needs to be seasoned mac & cheese" this is that "Lord Jesus, you keep blessing me and I don't know why, mac & cheese." So long story short, Lion's Tail has food fit for Beyonce when she comes to perform at Gillette this year (and I'm still trying to figure out how to pay myself back for buying that ticket) at a fair price. Let them know I sent you! I mean, it won't get you a discount or anything but hey...I'm down for some shameless promo. Cheers.


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