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Momma! I Made It...(well in my eyes)!

Yesterday - Saturday, March 24, 2018, I was featured in the Boston Globe! Yes, the newspaper. Yes, the most popular newspaper in Boston. Yes, me. Nail the Cocktail. About a month ago, I was approached to do an interview for the Living and Arts / Lifestyle section of the Boston Globe and in typical Nail the Cocktail fashion, I thought and said, "HELL YEAH!" A few weeks went by and the article slipped my mind since there was no guaranteed date on when it would be published. On Friday the 23rd around 3 am, I woke up to a notification on my phone. (I have Google Alerts set up for "nailthecocktail" so if anyone mentions me in any fashion...I @ me bro). By the way, I highly recommend setting up Google Alerts on your brand, blog, company, significant me. The notification came from the Boston Globe and instantly I knew: I was featured and my story and interview was published (here). So with with crust in my eyes and drool down my cheek..because that's how I look when I wake up (one day I'll be Beyonce) I clicked the link and read my interview. I was so happy and emotional to see my name in big bold letters featured in Boston's biggest and most read newpaper. Hard work pays off and this is just the beginning.

So with that said, welcome to my blog. On Instagram you get the cocktail guide. Here you get me. Honest, opinionated and here to tell you what other's wont. Cheers!


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