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New Menu Alert! Stephanie's on Newbury is bringing the heat!

Stephanie’s on Newbury recently released a brand new food menu and I’m here for it. Seriously, I was really there for it...I didn’t eat all day just so I could try as much of it as possible for dinner last week with a couple friends. If you know anything about me and Stephanie’s, you know that my favorite drink of all time from there is the Bad Juju. It’s made with Ghost Tequila, strawberry purée, house agave sour mix, and a tajin rim. I’m obsessed with spicy drinks and this one is perfect. If you love spicy drinks, add it to your list this spring if you don't want to play yourself.

For apps, my friends and I shared the lobster guacamole, mussels, and crab cakes. Let's start off by talking about the lobster guacamole.

freshly made with ripe avocado, grilled corn and chopped tomato, topped with Maine lobster and served with lime salted tortillas
Lobster Guacamole

This is a menu item that is still present from the old dinner menu. The old lobster guac needed this upgrade. I wasn't the biggest fan of the old wonton crisps they used to use for the guac because they would always break with the weight of the avocado and lobster and lacked flavor and salt. These current chips are now well seasoned, flavorful and compliment the perfectly seasoned lobster and guacamole. Kudos to Stephanie's for making this app better and a must order.

served with spicy coleslaw, grilled lemon and old bay tartar sauce
Warm Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes

These crab cakes were my favorite app hands down. As someone who tosses cole slaw to the side and finds it as relevant as the guy who keeps texting you from months ago and doesn't get the picture, this cole slaw was INCREDIBLE. It was spicy and flavorful and the perfect topping to a forkful of crab. I'm Haitian, so pikliz, is a staple in my diet and this slaw reminded me of my sassy and spicy Caribbean roots. The "jumbo lump" assertion ain't a lie. This crab is real and it's juicy. Good lawd.

P.E.I. mussels steamed with white wine, parsley butter and fried garlic, topped with french fries
Moules Frites

The mussels definitely hit the spot. They were bathed in a buttery white wine sauce that was so good I had to ask for bread because I was ready to take it to the face like a cocktail and didn't want to scare the table next to me.

The best part about going out with multiple friends who accept my affinity for cocktails and good food is that they are fine with me ordering food for them because I can't eat three entrees in one setting alone but want to taste it all because you know... #gluttony.

pan seared and served with a warm salad of baby spinach, shiitake mushrooms, fava beans, roasted fingerling potatoes and bacon shallot vinaigrette
New Bedford Sea Scallops

Scallops are in my top three seafood choices of all time (followed by mussels and crab, hence my appetizer choices). These were pretty good. That's all I can say.

pan seared atlantic salmon served over spring vegetable tabbouleg, topped with tzatziki, feta cheese, toasted pistachios and lemon
Za'atar Spiced Salmon (gluten free)

This salmon was awesome. It was definitely a healthy dish which I usually shy away from at restaurants because if I'm going to pay my hard earned coins for's going to give me a well deserved food coma. Just saying. The flavors were diverse and the presentation was fancy AF.

bucatini pasta tossed with fried garlic cream, fava beans, english peas, zucchini, broccolini, oven roasted tomatoes and pecorino romano, served with warm toasted garlic bread
Bucatini Primavera

Now this was my personal favorite and my personal entree. The bucatini was literally like if you took a spoonful of garlic, mixed in some olive oil, added a bit of citrus and prayed to God for a sign that everything in your life would be okay. It was heavenly. It was glorious. It made me feel like I was living my best life. Cheers.


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