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Pagu. Cambridge, MA newest brunch destination.

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of enjoying a delicious, flavorful and relaxing brunch at Pagu. I had a reservation at 11:30am right when they opened because when it comes to brunch, I mean business, especially if there are brunch only cocktails involved.. Located in Cambridge at 310 Massachusetts Ave, Pagu boasts a modern interior with stunning floor to ceiling windows which mean two things: bomb lighting for pictures and no hiding that post puberty pimple on your cheek from your date. I started off ordering a few cocktails from their brunch menu and a few from their regular menu as you can see in the picture below. I got some awesome shots of them against the restuarant's sleek and textured surfaces but you're going to have to check out @nailthecocktail to see those.

My favorite drinks were the Amethyst Cosmo (brunch menu) and Liam Neeson (regular menu). The cosmo was a perfect balance of fruits, citrus and booze while the Liam Neeson was strong enough to put some hair on your chest but also sweet enough to sip on with any meal.

Now food. Sweet mother of all that is holy was I in the best food coma after brunch. I had the 1. cuke & ninja radish crudite (sauteed radish greens, sesame dressing), 2. braised pork tortilla (spicy umami oil, scallions) and 3. squid ink oyster bao (panko oyster, norioli, purple cabbage). You can see the picture for yourself.

The crudite was fresh and easy to finish and I was glad it came with the sesame dressing. The braised pork tortilla is enough to fill you up for hours. the spicy umami oil added the right amount of spice and the pork was seasoned to perfection and this is a girl who gets offended when meat is not well seasoned. Pagu has that spice ratio on lock...none of that meat seasoned in water, air and a prayer mess. The squid ink oyster bao was the star of the show. Let me tell you, I could have sat there and ate 6 of them with ease and not an ounce of shame. You have to get it, don't question me. Happy brunching!



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