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Precinct Kitchen + have my heart

I have to admit, I've walked past Precinct Kitchen + Bar many times in my life and always wondered what kind of food they served...was it fancy (I mean it's attached to the Loews hotel)...would I like it? About a week ago (week ago), I decided to finally give it a chance knowing I would be in Back Bay all day running errands, shopping with money I should be saving, you know: the usual. I'll be the first to tell you, I walked in and was stunned by the home-y yet modern yet classy vibe it presented. My friend and I decided to go all out because I knew I wanted to tell you guys about this place and trying only a couple items would be doing us all a disservice...right? Just agree with me.

So let's start off with the interior. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G. Like, you could take your parents here, your significant other, your long term hookup, your girl squad, your business meetings, or anyone for that matter and they will automatically be impressed with your stylish taste. I felt like Olivia Pope at dinner except I was dressed a little something like a wannabe college athlete starving for brunch. Balance.

Take a look at a few of the shots of the interior:

Brunch consisted of two drinks and a ton of food...because the night I had before was...let's just say...wild.

First things first: drinks. We had the Spiked Bellini and the Southern 75. The bellini was really tasty and definitely one of those drinks that you could mess around and find yourself having 5 and wondering 'why is my face so warm'? I enjoyed it. However, the star of the show was the Southern 75. I mean - just look at it below in its glory. It was 100% the best brunch drink I have had in months and I'm not just saying that. I keep it EXTRA real on the blog and don't shy away from telling you if something is worth your money or not. The Southern 75 is worth it plus tax. Definitely get this drink if you go. No questions asked. For a complete list of ingredients check out my Instagram. Shameless plug.

Ah food. Few things in life excite me more than good drinks, men who text back in a timely fashion, makeup, nail art, and brunch food...because the bougie black girl in me THRIVES off of brunch.

The first item of business was this Bucket of Buns. If you have a sweet tooth the dish of 4 buns is heaven sent. I took 3 home and am currently stuffing my face with them as I write this blog post. Thank you Precinct. Thank you.

Boston Common Coffee Pancakes. So Precinct, pull up a chair...we need to talk. You mean to tell me I can have my daily dose of caffeine and flapjacks at the same damn time. Why did we not start this relationship sooner. These pancakes are to die for. They even serve them to you with a small dish of chocolate chips and sweets to pour on top. I'm talking texture. I'm talking sweetness. I'm talking blessings upon blessings. Definitely opt for these if you are a sweet brunch person.

Now speaking of sweet brunch people...I'm a savory brunch person. Give me salt, give me spice, give me life. These Pork Belly Benedicts did just that. The hollandaise sauce is a habanero chili hollandaise. I did not stutter. It's not spicy if you're afraid of heat...can't relate though. But honestly, lets talk about how it comes on a buttery biscuit. English muffin who...don't know her. I'm saving my pork belly comments for last. The pork was crispy, fatty, and downright sinful. Forgive me father for I have sinned...or excuse me daddy, I've been a bad girl. Whatever the saying is. This dish was my favorite item out of everything. Pure perfection.

Because we're in New England I felt obliged to order something with lobster meat. Enter the Maine Lobster Omelette. This one is for all my healthy, figure conscious friends. The egg whites were so fluffy I was temped to walk into the kitchen to see exactly who or what was beating those eggs to perfection. There were big chunks of lobster meat which was a relief because I hate ordering lobster anything and they give you 5 slivers of lobster meat as if that's supposed to satisfy you.

So icing on the cake at brunch was that they had baby goats on the patio. Literally, baby goats. Be still my heart. One of the goats was named JJ and he insisted on standing on tables and not being touched by strangers. Literally my spirit animal. So please bask in this cuteness overload.

Long story short. Go to Precinct Kitchen + Bar. Make sure you dress cute because restaurant is also an instagrammable location and you may get a selfie with the baby goats! Seriously, if you don't take a selfie...did you even brunch?


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