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Tiki Rock...a tropical escape in Boston's perpetual winter.

If I asked you what does Boston and a tiki bar have in common you’d probably look at me like I was crazy or just walk away from me (you wouldn’t be the first, so no offense taken). But it’s okay because normally there is nothing about ‘Boston’ and ‘tiki bar’ that go together. Until now. Tiki Rock, located in Boston’s financial district is actually making it work, despite the fact that it feels like winter is that crazy ex-girlfriend that just won’t let you move on in peace. Earlier this week, I got a chance to have several drinks and eat a few menu items at Tiki Rock. Let’s just say…I will be going back. Again…and again…as this place has secured a spot in my go to rotation. So if you see me there…say hi, I’ll be the girl with the nails as bright as the neon lights inside who’s somehow convinced a bartender to let me have three drinks at once for “research” purposes.

But to the point: drinks and food. I tried 5 different cocktails and hands down the Suit and Tai is my go to drink followed by the Saturn. When you go there, you have to ask for those two. No exceptions. All of my drinks were made by Kate (yes I’m on a first name basis with bar managers and bartenders…does this even surprise you?) She’s a beast at the mixology game.

For food, I had three different menu items. The crab rangoons, the mushroom dumplings, and the Polynesian super burger. Check the pictures below.

Crab Rangoons

On the actual menu, the crab Rangoon appetizer states “all the crab, cream cheese, chili apricot duck sauce.” To which I thought…prove that you have all the crab Tiki Rock...or else we're gonna have to square up. I wasn’t disappointed. Crab rangoons have been a staple in my diet since drunken college nights so I’ve had my fair share of all the cream cheese and none of the crab. Tiki Rock renewed my faith that a quality crab rangoon is achievable in Boston.

Mushroom Dumplings

The mushroom dumplings were awesome. But be aware I LOVE mushrooms. If you don’t care for mushrooms and hate that “mushroom texture” you might want to pass on these and get the coconut shrimp or something else altogether.

Polynesian Super Burger

After the Suit and Tai cocktail, this Polynesian super burger hit the spot…all the spots, as the Tiki Rock crew might say. The ingredients are: Canadian bacon, Napa cabbage, herb cheese spread, pickled pineapple and soy glaze. The burger was bomb...let’s get that out of the way. That pickled pineapple...LAWD. However, the part I need to tell you about is that herbed cheese spread. That stuff needs to be smeared and used on every burger I have from here on out. I’m going need the company that packages that stuff or the recipe for it because I want it on my crackers, burgers, sandwiches, personal problems…everything. Cheers.


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