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Let's get a little more in depth about the cocktails I drink, the food I eat and the people I meet.




Create up to 1 minute videos of easy to follow and informative cocktail recipes!


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The ultimate drink guide.

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Claudiane is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Nail the Cocktail, a curated cocktail blog and social media marketing platform. Okay, let's keep it real...Claudiane (that's me) is writing this. I'm 29 and love everything about social media marketing and influencing. I still remember the day in 2014, when I was living paycheck to paycheck and bought a DSLR camera that I could not afford. My life has changed forever because of that purchase. From sharing my expertise, passions, opinions, and photos: social media influencing is where I feel at home and inspired. Talking to thousands of you through my cocktail discoveries and adventures gives me a sense of community and love. I genuinely love each and every one of you who follows my Instagram, trusts my judgement, and supports my passion.

So why cocktails? I bartended for 7 years of my life to initially make ends meet while I was an undergraduate and grad student. It quickly transformed from an additional source of income into an art form I loved. Fast forward to today, I now work as a healthcare UX designer. Despite my career, I always had an itch to somehow connect back to my bartending roots. Enter, Nail the Cocktail, my "alter ego". I get to showcase an art form, that is mixology, without having to get behind the bar (yet still come pretty close). I get to form connections with bartenders, restaurant managers, marketing professionals, patrons and most importantly you. Why nails? Simple, a nice manicure keeps me sane. 

Just as many of you trust me to share Boston and NYC's best cocktails, I trust you all to do the same for me. In this tiny corner of the internet we cheers to life and we cheers to each other.





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